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We have a permanent stock containing a variety of colors and collections. Some of our products come in ranges of more than 60 colors and are ready to ship instantly.

Although it varies in seasons, we place great importance on have our stock ready and available. We understand the necessity to have a variety of sample products and colors to facilitate the research of materials for many of the stylists who visit our stockrooms.

Our permanent stock is a very important feature which allows us to work with the client face to face and fulfill your business needs.


Development of Products & Colors

The diversity and needs of our clients require us to stay on top of the very latest technical developments of materials and fashion trends.

Therefore we often spend time with our clients developing custom-made, unique products specific to their specific demands.

Our research and development play a large role in our satisfaction guarantee.


Respect and Quality Control

We place a high level of importance on our relationships with our suppliers to maintain the consistend quality of our skins. We are conscious of each animal from which our leather comes and we concentrate our efforts on the quality of each piece of material we work with.

All the skins we produce are inspected at every level of production. A first selection is made from the raw hide and the second sorting is done in the final stage (CRUST). Finally, our team monitors and validates all parameters (thickness, color, quality selection) before any skins are shipped.

We believe in being the best in our field to provide you with the most beautiful, high quality products.


Great Value, Great Price

Our level of production allows us to a acquire materials from worldwide markets of raw hides at competitive costs.

Our technical expertise combined with our productivity allows us to offer our clients material skins with excellent pricing structure; this approach has allowed us to expand our activity in the Asian markets.

Thanks to a mastery of the marketplace, we are perfectly suited to guide you through the process.


In France and Internationally

Propeaux is an important ally for Luxury
brands, with the benefit of a solid French
business structure and years of experience in
the industry internationally.

With the internalization of manufacturing poles, we can offer our customers many means of shipping distribution from our production facilities throughout the world.

We are an essential player in the manufacturing of your products and can fill all your needs with our years of experience in the field.


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